Belt buckle Fiesta
Belt buckle Fiesta
Belt buckle Fiesta
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Belt buckle Fiesta
Belt buckle Fiesta
Belt buckle Fiesta

Belt buckle "Fiesta"

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Fits belt width 1.5 inches



The Mexican skull is a very common symbol today that can be seen in a variety of fields. It inspires fashion designers, accessories and home furnishings, make-up and makeup artists, tattoo artists and decorators, painters, sculptors and designers of all stripes.

A skull painted with colorful swirls may seem to carry a threatening meaning or negative energy. But it is worth learning more about this symbol, how the attitude towards it changes to the opposite.

Actually "Calavera" (in Spanish calavera - "skull") is the Mexican symbol of the Day of the Dead "Día de los Muertos". This term also refers to a number of symbols and products associated with this holiday.

Day of the Dead is a scary name, especially for a holiday. But in fact, for the Mexicans, this is a very bright and joyful holiday, which they dedicate to their loved ones who have gone to the “other world”. True Christians, they believe in eternal life.

For the Day of the Dead, Calavei's poems are written, designed to humorously consider the life and death of a person. Since the Mexicans treat death in a completely Christian way - as just a transition to another world, death is considered the light beginning of eternal life, on this day it is customary to make noise, have fun and arrange mass processions, fairs, parties and carnivals. The main attribute of all these events is the kalavera (skull), which is designed to remind a person of the frailty of life and the inevitability of transition, of the equality of all before God and before the ceremony.

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Fits belt width
1.5 inches

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