Glasses skulls

Glasses "Skulls" 3 pieces


Length 3.15 inches



People who are fond of unusual things will appreciate these glasses at the base of which there are 4 skulls. Such a thing will be especially loved by admirers of medieval aesthetics. A glass with a skull refers to the times when the ancient Germans drank wine from the processed remains of slain enemies. In addition, many peoples considered the skull to be a vessel where the human soul is stored.

Skull glasses will be a good addition to the party. Of these, red wine is most often drunk, but if desired, it is permissible to drink other alcohol, non-alcoholic cocktails. Such an original thing will be a suitable gift for both men and women.

It is best to give a glass with skulls not in a single copy, but in a set of 2-4 pieces.

Traditionally, shot glasses are meant for vodka, wine and shots. To surprise a friend, you can choose a glass with skulls in a set of 4-6 pieces. They buy such dishes for their own use. Shots of bright colors look especially good in a glass.

In addition, various sweets can be placed in the skull glass. You can use the glass as a decorative container for storing small items.

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4.23 oz of 1 pc
3.15 inches

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